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External Centreless cylindrical grinding - made in Germany

Centerless grinding is a machining process that has been developed for external grinding of rotationally symmetrical work pieces. In centerless external cylindrical grinding, the work piece is in the triangle of forces of grinding wheel, regulating wheel and work rest blade.

In contrast to grinding between centers, the work piece is not fixed and therefore it requires no centering at the ends. In the grinding operation, the work piece is driven by the slowly rotating regulating wheel and machined from the rapidly rotating grinding wheel. The angle (β) of the work rest blade increases the forces between the regulating wheel and work piece.

The work piece is ground in most cases above the center of grinding and regulating wheel. The work piece height (h) and the tangent angle (γ) affect the roundness of the work pieces. Calculations for easy setting of work piece height are stored in the machine control.

Schleifscheibe - Werkstück - Regelscheibe

Grinding wheel – work piece - regulating wheel

Bezeichnungen im Schleifspalt

Description in the grinding gap

You distinguishes between the two procedures of plunge grinding and through-feed grinding